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Highly Lucrative Advertising Opportunities

  • Ad-based revenue model
  • 25 Million unique users per month
  • Over 9 million monthly Google searches
  • Leading brands in the gaming market
  • Available in 15 languages
  • Millions of users who play our games every single day

Mass User Reach


impressions per month

Variety of on-site ad options:

  • IAB Standard Ad Units
  • Pre-Rolls, Interstitials
  • Custom ad options for sponsorship advertisers
CTR 3.15% average
Play time 35 minutes average per session

Web Advertising Program

Worldwide coverage

Mobile Advertising Program
Advanced HTML5 Technology

Utilizes our mobile cross-platform HTML5 web app and games

Variety of mobile ad options: 320x50, 728x90, 200x200, 300x250, banners, Pre-Rolls, Interstitials and custom ad options for sponsorship advertisers



Worldwide coverage


We offer our partners customized sponsorships and advertising possibilities. We can tailor a proprietary gaming solution to integrate your brand into one of our gaming websites.

With our sponsorship program, you win distinct marketing and competitive advantages.

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